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"Silver Gold Buyers paid $310 for some old dental gold my grandma had. She was so excited when the check came in. They are the best Gold and Silver Buyer around."

-Tom K.

"A divorce left me tight for cash… I got $110 for some old jewelry I no longer wear. It was more than five times than what some of these big time advertisers offered to pay."

-Sheilah D.

"I was delighted by the courteous service I received at Silver Gold Buyers. They weighed and tested the gold chains I had for sale right in front of me. The price I got was more than double what I was offered at some local shops. "

-Ralph T. (Retired Policeman)

"I’m an antique dealer, and a steady seller to Silver Gold Buyers. It makes my day to simply get down to business and get paid, and be able to sell all sorts of stuff: scrap, jewelry, silverware, collectible coins without a hassle."

-Jim P. (Antique Dealer)

"My Mom passed away and there were a lot of stuff she had accumulated over the years left over the family did not want. I was happy to sell the gold and silver for cash at a fair price and did not have to deal piecemeal with the public. "

-Kathy M. (Homemaker)

"I received checks for 2 silver shipments I sent recently. It was the first time I had sold silver via the web and was a little skeptical, but your business was courteous, efficient, fast and easy to deal with. I appreciate that. Thanks for all of your effort."

- Jeff

"You and your staff have been very helpful, patient, and wonderful. It has been an excellent and painless process all the way through for me. thanks again for everything."

- Dennis

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