FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why should I do business with Silver Gold Buyers?
We sincerely believe prompt, professional and courteous service is the key to customer satisfaction. We strive to educate customers as to what constitutes fair market value of their goods; how to concisely describe, securely pack and safely ship their goods, and get paid within 24 hrs.

By cutting our operating expenses to the bone, working harder and smarter than the competition, we feel we can give customers with what they really like: more service, more courtesy and more money.
2. What is the Silver Gold Buyers Shipping Kit?
Basically the Silver Gold Buyers Shipping Kit is a customer friendly-mailing envelope which makes it convenient, safe, and easy to conduct business by mail.

The Shipping Kit contains the following six items:

1.) A confirmation letter.

2.) A double zip-lock plastic bag.

3.) A packing slip form.

4.) A set of pack/shipping instructions.

5.) FREE personalized, prepaid and insured FedEx® Shipping Label.

6.) A price list estimate sheet.

FREE shipping supplies: FedEx® Envelope(s), FedEx® Pak(s) and Fed Ex Box(es) are available at FedEx® or FedEx® Office (formerly FedEx® Kinko’s).
3. How do I use the shipping kit?
1. Concisely list and describe items submitted for sale and/or offer on the packing slip;

2. If you have any other items you seriously wish to sell and submit to Silver Gold Buyers for a fair wholesale offer (not price listed on our purchasing flyer), please contact our Purchasing Dept. to confirm interest.

3. Secure all small items in the double zip-lock plastic bag to prevent loss;

4. Correct your return mailing address on the Shipping Label, if it is incorrect;

5. If you are an Ohio resident, you must provide either your state ID or a valid driver’s license number and a signed statement on the packing slip to the effect that you are the legal owner and have the right to sell the property.

6. Follow the packing and shipping instructions to get paid.

*See Insurance under Terms & Conditions

4. Is the Silver Gold Buyers shipping kit free?
Yes! And there are no strings attached: no obligation to sell unless we agree on price.

5. How will Silver Gold Buyers test my scrap or unwanted items?
In most cases warranting assay, Silver Gold Buyers tests items by using the standard touch stone and acid method. Your precious metal items are directly compared with key samples of known purity. In some cases, such as coins, we may check density... or resistivity... We also offer melt and/or laboratory assays, if the nature of the material cannot be discerned by such tests, and is of sufficient quantity and quality to permit the cost.

Note: In some cases your scrap or unwanted items may be slightly damaged in the course of assay. To rule out the possibility of the item being gold filled or gold-plated on base metal or silver plated... the surface have to be filed and pierced. Thus, in the event you may ask a non-precious metal item to be returned, the returned item(s) may not be in the original condition as received.
6. What if my scrap or unwanted items have stones?
Most small stones (less than .25 carats) cost more to remove, reset, and resell than they are worth...

We will accept items with stones, and decide what if any salvage interest. In most cases, however, such as old class rings, for example, there is a proportional deduction in weight usually between half to two grams. Sometimes there is filler material (cement, glue, plastic) used to inflate the size of the ring and set the stone.

Often gypsy settings, prongs hide girdle damage or inclusions along the perimeter of the setting. Before we buy any problematic items, we will contact you by phone or by email, and relate an as is offer before we continue to process such items.
7. Are my goods safe?
Yes! It is safe to send your valuables by mail, millions of people do so every day and send trillions of dollars worth of merchandise every year, most of the goods are delivered without incident. Rarely is there a mishap. Tampering with the U.S. Mail is a felony.

It is prudent, nevertheless, to keep temptation of tampering with a shipment out of other peoples mind by not advertising the contents of a shipment; properly sealing a shipping envelope, pack or box; and placing numbered security seals on bank bags and/or metal cans on shipments weighing more than 20 lbs.

Your shipping envelope, pack or box will be weighed by the carrier to assess postage. Before any package is accepted by SGB, its outer integrity is inspected and exact weight recorded the moment it arrives. The weight sent must match the weight received. We will not accept a shipping packet that appears to be damaged or tampered with in the course of transit. Such shipments are insurance matters...
8. Are my goods insured?
For mutual peace of mind, all incoming packages, using the pre addressed, prepaid Silver Gold Buyers Fed Ex Shipping Label, are insured up to $500.

If you believe your items are worth more than $500, we recommend that you insure your shipment for what it is worth at your own expense using any carrier you choose.

It is the senders' not the recipient's responsibility to declare and insure the value of their shipment. We will factor in prepaid shipping and insurance charges on items sold to Silver Gold Buyers...
9. How soon do I get paid?
Processing your shipment takes place within 24 hours.

Unless indicated on the packing slip you wish to confirm an offer by phone, a settlement check will be sent immediately.

If you have indicated that you wish to have the funds wired into your bank account and provided the requisite account and check routing numbers, we will wire transfer the funds. There is $20 processing fee for such service.

10. How do I know my shipping kit arrived?
Your FedEx® Shipping Label has a unique FedEx® tracking number. You can use that tracking number to track your package at http://fedex.com/Tracking or simply by entering the unique FedEx® tracking number in a Google Search Bar.

11. How much will you pay for my gold and silver?
Unfortunately, we have not perfected the art of buying the pig in the poke, nor do we have any Gypsy Fortune Tellers on our staff. However, we do have a Silver Gold Buyers Price List Estimate worksheet, and this will give a customer with a reasonable estimate for priced items on the list. Other items of confirmed interest submitted for offer or assay items need to be examined and appraised. For us to be fair and make an objective decision, we actually have to look at and carefully examine the merchandise.

Providing there is no major variance or misrepresentation of the items described on the packing slip and no major drop in precious metal prices on the day of purchase, that call for an adjustment of our buy prices – we will pay our advertised list prices. Thus, the final settlement price a customer receives depends upon the nature, the quality, the quantity of the goods sent, and any fair adjustments that need to be taken in account.
12. How do I know I will get the best prices for my goods?
We do put a great deal of thought and effort into determining what makes up a fair, competitive wholesale price for every item offered to Silver Gold Buyers. We are in business to satisfy customer's needs -- not waste each other's time...

But don't believe us? See for yourself. Our price list enables you to choose your best price. Check out local businesses (pawn shops, jewelers, coin dealers, etc.). They should tell what they will pay on the spot…
13. What if I am not satisfied with your offer?
We hope that never happens, but if it does simply return our check within 12 days of the issuance date of the check which appears in the upper left hand corner... Pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of doing business with Silver Gold Buyers, and we will promptly return the items sent.

We can only do what is possible. Satisfy most of the people most of the time. And extend an apology we cannot do the impossible: Satisfy all the people all the time.
14. Could you contact me before sending my check?
Yes! Simply check off the box: Confirm settlement on the packing slip included with your return shipping kit.

15. What if the SGB Shipping Packet is too small for my items?
Please contact the Silver Gold Buyers Purchasing Department, relate what you wish to sell, and they will help you with your shipping needs.
16. Can I send my own package?
Yes! This will speed up the processing your goods. FedEx®, UPS, and the U.S. Postal Service and other businesses have shipping supplies available. Often these shipping supplies: envelopes, shipping packs, boxes including carrier labels are available at no cost.
17. What if I'm not sure the items are made of precious metal?
You may send us any item that appears or you have reason to believe is solid silver, or gold, or platinum. Our staff will determine whether such items actually contain commercially recoverable amounts of precious metal and pay accordingly. Some items, even though they are not solid gold, such as gold-filled, we purchase.

Note: Silver Gold Buyers will not buy Gold plate or Silver plate. Please do not include anything you know is costume jewelry or gold or silver plated . Silver plated items are often bear stamped hallmarks such as Silver Plate, 2X, 3X, EPNS, IS Inlaid Silver, etc., and gold-plated items are often also marked as being gold-plated, RGP (rolled gold plate), HGE (hollow gold electroplate), etc. Sometimes such items have worn down to their base metal: steel, nickel, copper, brass and they may show tarnish or green corrosion.

Such materials are of no commercial interest to us and will be returned upon request at your expense... In general, most gold, silver and platinum artifacts are hallmarked. Most Gold is usually hallmarked as 10K or 14K or 18K; Real Silver or Sterling Silver by numbers or symbols that indicate its purity, for example .925, or 900, or .800 etc.
18. Will my transaction be reported to the Internal Revenue Service?
No. Silver Gold Buyers is not required report purchases, or identify the parties from whom we purchase, to the IRS. Any tax concerns are personal matters one should take up with a reputable accountant...
19. What records do you keep?
To protect your property, The State of Ohio (O.R.C Section 4728.0) requires Silver Gold Buyers to record your Driver’s License or State ID Number and you to sign the following statement:

Driver’s License/State ID Number: _______________________

I hereby declare I am at least 18 years of age, am the lawful owner of the enclosed items with authority to sell them, and my driver’s license number (or State ID Number) all other identifying information printed above is true and correct.

Sending Silver Gold Buyers Buyers misrepresented merchandise: stolen, fake, counterfeit, etc. is a breach of the Terms & Conditions* of our purchasing agreement! We only solicit items customers have a right to sell. A person, who is not the lawful owner of the items or who does not have the lawful authority to sell the items we buy, risks forfeiting the goods to law enforcement agencies and possibly facing civil and criminal charges. The American Patriot Act requires Silver Gold Buyers to have anti money laundering program in place.

We also are required by law to report CASH (not company check) transactions in excess of $3,000 to the IRS.
20. How long does it take for the package to be shipped?
If you are shipping your goods with FedEx® Ground, you can use this map.

21. Do you deal locally?
Yes, we do business in Northeast Ohio: Cleveland, Lakewood, Rocky River, Fairview Park, Bay Village, Westlake, Avon Lake, Avon, North Olmsted, Olmsted Falls, Strongsville,North Royalton,Parma,Mentor,Seven Hills,Independence,Shaker Heights,Wicklife,Willowick,Gates Mills,Hunting Valley,Moreland Hills,Chagrin Falls,Bentleyville,Solon

22. Do you deal out of state?
Yes we buy gold and silver out of Ohio such as Oregon, North Carolina or any of the 50 US states. We also deal with major cities: New York, Lost Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose and more...