How We Work

How to sell: General | Silver | Gold | Coins

1.Identify, List and Evaluate Salable Goods.

How do you identify your salable goods? View the Silver Gold Buyers Website: Glossary, Gallery of What We Buy, check out our daily Buy Prices circular and use the Contact Us link to confirm interest in purchasing other items not specifically price listed.

2.Read Silver Gold Buyers’ Terms & Conditions.

We are in business to provide customers with satisfactory prices for a variety of goods. By delivering prompt, courteous and professional service we are intent on making your selling experience with Silver Gold Buyers not only interesting and informative, but also profitable and pleasant. To ensure your satisfaction, please preview our Buy Prices Flyer and accept the Terms & Conditions that lead to our fair exchange agreement.

3.Fill out the Packing Slip Form.

Briefly and concisely describe your shipment on the Silver Gold Buyers packing slip.

4.Package Your Items.

Properly pack your shipment. Place items in suitable containers. Use a “Zip-Lock” bag, or aluminum foil to contain small items and place them in a padded envelope or Pak. Use bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts, etc. to secure items in small, medium, or large boxes. Use bank bags and/or steel can with security seals for shipping coins and scrap metal in excess of 20 lbs. Links leading to FREE shipping supplies, instructions on how to properly pack, and ship and packing services at the carrier of your choice ( FedEx, U.S. Postal Service, United Parcel Service ) are listed on the Silver Gold Buyers Website to suit your needs.

5.Send your shipment*

Select the shipping option (FedEx, USPS, UPS…) that best suits your needs. FREE preaddressed shipping labels are available online by filling out the form on our homepage. Insure adequately.

Silver Gold Buyers
P.O. Box 14577
Cleveland Ohio 44114

*Return Policy with Plated or Problematic Goods.

6.Immediate payment!

All packages are processed the day they arrive. Payment authorized within 24 hrs.