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Where silver, gold and cash like to meet

Our mission at Silver Gold Buyers is to take the work, the mystery and the apprehension out selling goods online for INSTANT CASH!

What items are of commercial interest? What are my items worth? How do I go about selling my unwanted goods? How much will I receive? Is this a fair shake? ...Or consumers rip off? Is Silver Gold Buyers reputable? How can I compare prices? ...services? ...know my insured goods are safe? ...track my shipment? How soon will I be paid?

How? Proof of the pie is in the pudding... Check us out! The answers that satisfy curiosity, clarify what is uncertain, relieve or eliminate fears, apprehension and concerns and set comfortably set one on a certain path to INSTANT CASH! are all at: www.silvergoldbuyers.com.

We are straight forward in the manner we do business: licensed, registered, in good standing with the State to lawfully purchase and sell silver and gold, collectibles and antiques. Silver Gold Buyers is not about hype and empty promises. We are not a shaky fly-by-nigh operation, or a sleazy snake-oiled scam. Our mission is to serve, not sting the public.

We believe in work and in creating value... Recycling what is salvageable saves energy. Mending what can be fixed rehabilitates utility. Selling what other no longer want serves others needs and generates commerce. The flow of INSTANT CASH! is what lubricates the wheels of trade. And we are committed to providing courteous and professional service that facilitates exchange to ones complete satisfaction.

Our web site is our calling card. The useful and valuable information freely provided and the access to instant service speaks for itself. We are not ashamed to publish our buy prices. You will find them fair, reasonable and competitive... among the best in the country.

In short, we deliver: work smarter and harder at pleasing customers. See for yourself... All the things you need to conduct a safe, secure and satisfactory sale are conveniently placed at your fingertips. We are not only out to make your selling experience interesting and informative, but also most profitable and pleasant as well. And experience you will be glad to repeat, share with family and friends and cheerfully take to the bank.

Thank you for you interest, consideration and doing business with Silver Gold Buyers. And feel free to Contact Us if we can be of service.


Silver Gold Buyers

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