Terms and Conditions

By conducting any business with Silver Gold Buyers, you affirm that the following Terms and Conditions are legally binding on you as a user of Silver Gold Buyers' Website:

Requirements for Use

  • You are over the age of twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • You are the actual legal owner of any and all precious metals, and other property (antiques and collectibles) sold or attempted to be sold to Silver Gold Buyers, and have the legal right to sell them.
  • You are bargaining in good faith: all items categorically price listed on our current flyer sent to Silver Gold Buyers are for sale at those prices; all questionable or unmarked items submitted for precious metal assay and other items of confirmed interest submitted are for sale at a fair and reasonable wholesale price.
  • You warrant the items are free of any and all claims, liens, or conditions that in any way could adversely affect our right to buy them.
  • You are legally competent acting on your own behalf, and not as the agent or representative of another person.
  • That other than selling your merchandise, you will not in any manner interfere with the purpose of the Silver Gold Buyers Website which is solely to provide prospective sellers reasonable and fair market price for their goods.

Note: Silver Gold Buyers may request documentation or other proof of competence and compliance with these requirements.


One may choose to send package(s) to Silver Gold Buyers by:

  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Carrier of Choice option;
  • Or online DIY (Do It Yourself) Silver Gold Buyers preaddressed, prepaid postage and insured FREE FedEx® Shipping Label option;
  • Or request we mail you a personalized FREE Silver Gold Buyers Shipping Kit.

A Silver Gold Buyers FREE Shipping Kit consists of:

  • A confirmation letter.
  • A double zip-lock plastic bag.
  • A packing slip.
  • A set of pack/shipping instructions.
  • FREE FedEx® Shipping Label.

*The FedEx Shipping Labels are FREE. There is no charge for the convenience of having a prepaid and insured FedEx Shipping Label at the command of their finger tips. Customers clearly have the choice to select their own shipping method and use a FREE generic label.

The postage and insurance are prepaid. The reason the label [emphasis added] is FREE is because it make it convenient to do business on-line. One does not have to go to a FedEx Office and go through the motions and expense (time & gas) involved of obtaining a shipping label. The Silver Gold Buyers’ FedEx Shipping Label is conveniently preaddressed, covers the insurance of the content up to $500, and the postage is prepaid and factored into to the final settlement price.

The FREE label is also designed to help folks in need, who, because of the economy, may not have the ready CASH to pay for the Postage and the Insurance, and as result would very likely receive substantially less for their goods than if they engaged in e-commerce with us and they would have to spend considerable time, gas and effort selling their goods.

Packing Slip

Before sending Silver Gold Buyers your items you agree to:
  • List and concisely describe items submitted for sale or offer on the Silver Gold Buyers packing slip;
  • Contact Silver Gold Buyers Purchasing Dept. before shipping any other item(s) you wish to sell or submit for an offer but are not price listed on our flyer in order to confirm they are of commercial interest;
  • Secure all small items, either in a double zip-lock plastic bag or wrap them into aluminum foil to prevent loss;
  • Carefully pack other valuables submitted for sale in suitable containers;
  • Correct your return mailing address on the Shipping Label, if it is incorrect;
  • If you are an Ohio Resident, include your state ID or driver’s license number on the packing slip and sign the statement to the effect, that you are the legal owner and have the right to sell the property.
  • Follow the packing and shipping instructions.
  • The total weight of your shipment must equal the weight of items described on the packing slip plus the weight of the packaging and/or container and will be used as a reference check in the course of the verification process.

Price List Estimate Worksheet

  • To promote customer satisfaction, you agree to review the current Silver Gold Buyers’ price list estimate worksheet prior to shipping us any items. The price list is a strong indicator of the settlement price and may be of help in placing a value on your shipment for insurance purposes.
  • Before shipping other items of interest, that are not specifically listed as to a buy price, you will contact the Silver Gold Buyers' Purchasing Dept., relate what you wish to sell, and confirm that we are interested in the items.
  • We are in business to offer fair prices, satisfy and please customers for a variety of merchandise, and not about wasting each others’ time. To ensure our mutual satisfaction, do not knowingly send items, whose listed prices are unsatisfactory, or items that are not of confirmed interest, or any items you are not serious about selling at a fair wholesale price

Reception, Examination, Verification, Acceptance or Rejection of Shipment

  • Without exception, Silver Gold Buyers will have no liability whatsoever for any item while in transit or otherwise in the possession or custody of any third-party.
  • You or the carrier bear the risk of loss until Silver Gold Buyers acknowledges receipt, examines your item(s), and verifies the contents of the packing slip.
  • Damaged, opened or tampered mail rarely occurs; when it does occur it becomes an insurance matter.
  • If the acceptance of a shipment is declined, Silver Gold Buyers shall have no liability to you for any such attempted delivery or return of any such rejected items.
  • Upon receipt of shipment, verification and acceptance of a delivered package, Silver Gold Buyers assumes fair WHOLESALE market value of any precious metal items shipped and fair WHOLESALE market value of properly represented goods.
  • If you do not provide a sales slip or an accredited liquidation appraisal issued prior to the contents being submitted to Silver Gold Buyers for consideration, Silver Gold Buyers determination of fair market value of items sent shall be conclusive and binding.
  • If in the course of examination and verification we find there is a significant discrepancy in the description of items sent or absence of a packing slip Silver Gold Buyers will provide immediate notice, and, either will suspend processing our transaction until the discrepancy is resolved, or terminate the Transaction.
  • Silver Gold Buyers will not have any liability for misrepresented items or items of questionable authenticity, or items that may have been damaged in the course of transit other than the fair intrinsic wholesale value of any items made of silver and gold.

Right to Refuse Problematic Goods

Silver Gold Buyers retains the right to refuse precious metals items or other items of interest:
  • If the items sent have been damaged in transit.
  • If the weight of the package shipped does not match the weight of the package received.
  • If the contents of the package slip do not match the items received and the weight of the package shipped.
  • If the items are not of commercial interest (plated, misrepresented, or overpriced).
  • If we believe the merchandise is stolen.
  • If we believe the merchandise is misrepresented or suspect. For example, the items are counterfeit, forged, altered, replicas, repaired, damaged… etc.
  • If the person with whom we are bargaining is too suspicious, too unreasonable or too challenging to strike a fair price agreement.
  • If there has been an unforeseeable downturn in the metal market to which we have not had adequate time to respond and fairly adjust our published buy prices and a fair adjustment in settlement price is unsatisfactory.

Verbal Offers and Acceptance

  • If you have requested Silver Gold Buyers to contact you prior to issuing a check with an offer for confirmed items of interest not price listed, either by telephone or by e-mail, we will give you a quote after such items have been received, examined and evaluated by our purchasing department.
  • Upon your acceptance, oral or written, of our buy quote, you will be legally bound to sell.
  • Such transactions are final, and if concluded by phone may be recorded at our discretion.
  • Payment will be issued by us according to your preference (i.e., by check or by wire transfer into your account) within twenty-four (24) hours.
  • If no contact information is provided, we will mail you our cash offer by check.
  • If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our offer for a precious metal item submitted for assay, or other item of confirmed interest you must return our check within 12 days from the time it was issued and ask that your items be returned.
  • If you do not respond within 12 days of the issuance of our check, Silver Gold Buyers will presume that you are satisfied with our offer and conclude the transaction.

Guaranty Against Loss / Limitations of Liability

  • Without exception, Silver Gold Buyers will have no liability whatsoever for any item while in transit or otherwise in the possession or custody of any third-party. You or the carrier bear the risk of loss until Silver Gold Buyers acknowledges receipt, verification of the packing slip and acceptance of your item(s).
  • If there is a loss of the contents of package you properly shipped to Silver Gold Buyers Buyers in accordance with the instructions, rules and procedures set forth on the Silver Gold Buyers Web site, Silver Gold Buyers will guaranty you against such loss subject to these terms and conditions.
  • Silver Gold Buyers’ liability under such loss guaranty or otherwise will be limited to one-third (1/3) of the value of the lost contents or Five Hundred ($500) Dollars, whichever is less.
  • If you believe your gold, jewelry or other property is worth more than $500.00, we recommend that you insure your shipment for what it’s worth at your own expense using any carrier you choose. It is the senders’ not the recipients responsibility to declare and insure the value of their shipment.
  • You expressly acknowledge and agree that if you do not provide a sales slip or liquidation appraisal that was issued prior to the contents being submitted for a fair wholesale offer, Silver Gold Buyers' determination of value shall be conclusive and binding.
  • In addition, if you do not provide Silver Gold Buyers with an original sales slip or appraisal (issued prior to the shipment to Silver Gold Buyers) for the lost contents, the value of your contents will be liquidation value, and Silver Gold Buyers’ liability will be limited to One-Hundred Sixty-Seven Dollars ($167). If you provide an original sales slip or liquidation appraisal, the value or your contents will be based on such sales slip or appraisal, and Silver Gold Buyers liability will be limited to Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars.
  • Without limiting the foregoing, this guaranty will apply only to property shipped using the Silver Gold Buyers’ Shipping Kit with a pre addressed, prepaid and insured FREE FedEx® Shipping Label.
  • Silver Gold Buyers reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject delivery of any mail (envelopes, paks, or boxes) if the package appears damaged, opened or tampered with in any way.
  • Any such rejected mail, envelope or package will be returned to you via U.S. Mail. Silver Gold Buyers will have no liability to you for any such attempted delivery or return of any such items.
  • Except as expressly provided in these terms and conditions, Silver Gold Buyers will have no liability to you whatsoever for any loss, whether arising in connection with your use of the Silver Gold Buyers Website , a pre addressed, prepaid and insured FedEx® Shipping Label, or FedEx® Shipping Envelope, Pack, or Box or for any other reason, including, without limitation, Silver Gold Buyers‘ own acts or omissions. In no event will Silver Gold Buyers liability to you exceed Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00).
  • Silver Gold Buyers will not be liable to you for any damages, including but not limited to, incidental, consequential, punitive, loss of profit or opportunity, other than as expressly set forth in these terms and conditions.

Claims Procedures

  • In the event of liability, to receive compensation from Silver Gold Buyers you must submit a claim after thirty (30) days and within ninety (90) days of your mailing the Item to Silver Gold Buyers.
  • You may request and submit a claim after (60) days.
  • The claim must be presented on the requested claim form provided by Silver Gold Buyers.
  • Silver Gold Buyers will not accept or process your claim form unless it is fully and accurately completed, signed and delivered to Silver Gold Buyers in accordance with the instructions on the claim form.
  • All supporting documentation must be submitted with the completed and signed claim form.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements will constitute a waiver by you, and result in the denial by Silver Gold Buyers of your claim.

Return Insurance Liability Limitation

  • We have no commercial interest in silver or gold-plated items. Do not knowingly send us costume jewelry or plated silverware.
  • Due to administrative costs, a shipment’s whose fair wholesale or whose intrinsic value is less than $50.00 are explicitly and respectfully declined on Silver Gold Buyers Website, and Silver Gold Buyers will have no liability whatsoever to return a shipment lacking fair and reasonable commercial value to sender and recipient.
  • A shipment of insufficient value inadvertently sent, however, may upon prompt request (within 12 days of Silver Gold Buyers rejection notice) be returned by sending $20 to cover postage and administrative cost.
  • Keep in mind, items submitted for assay offer may not be returned in their original condition, because testing may require filing the surface to rule out clad or filled or plated or metal mixtures.

Binding Effect

  • These terms and conditions, including, without limitation, the limitations of liability, will be binding on you and all third parties, including, but not limited to, your successors, assigns, insurance carriers and any other individual or entity asserting any right or claim relating to your transaction with Silver Gold Buyers.
  • In no event will Silver Gold Buyers be liable to any third-party, including any insurance carrier. Silver Gold Buyers will not be liable for any subrogation claim brought by your insurance carrier.
  • By submitting any property or Shipping Packet to Silver Gold Buyers; you expressly and specifically waive any such subrogation claim on your behalf as well as on the behalf of your insurance carrier.

Choice of Law, Waiver, and Claims

  • These terms and conditions, and all business transactions, will be governed by the laws of the State of Ohio without regard to its conflict of law provisions.
  • Silver Gold Buyers failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these terms and conditions will not be deemed to be a waiver of such right or provision.
  • If any of these terms and conditions is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties' intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect.
  • You agree that regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to use of the Shipping Packet or otherwise with Silver Gold Buyers must be filed within one (1) year after such claim or cause of action arose or be forever barred.
  • Any such claim or cause of action must be filed in the State of Ohio. Silver Gold Buyers will be entitled to reimbursement for any and all costs incurred by it in defending any civil action filed or attempted to be filed in any jurisdiction outside of the State of Ohio, including but not limited to, attorney's fees incurred by Silver Gold Buyers.

Return Policy with Plated or other Problematic Goods.

Items of PRECIOUS METAL or collectible or antique items interest submitted for sale need not necessarily be in perfect condition. However, they must be authentic, original and salable shape to warrant a collectible or antique premium price consideration.



WE DO WE DO NOT BUY SILVER-PLATED ITEMS. For example, items stamped with E.P.N.S. (Electroplated Nickel Silver), E.P., E.P.S., E.P.C., E.P.C.A., E.P.B.M., E.P.W.M, or items stamped with "silver plated, triple plate, quadruple plate, silver soldered, silver plate on copper, nickel silver, Rogers Brothers 1847, treble plate, electroplated.

Illustrations of Silver Plated Hallmarks: http://www.925-1000.com/silverplate__menu.html

WE DO NOT BUY GOLD PLATED ITEMS OR COSTUME JEWELRY. For examples, items stamped G.P (Gold Plated), R.G.P (Rolled Gold Plate) or H.G.E. (Heavy Gold Electroplate). Sometimes these hallmark initials are preceded with a 10K, or 14K, or 18K and tend to be misleading as to the actual fineness of the metal under consideration.

NOR DO WE BUY PROBLEMATIC COLLECTIBLE OR ANTIQUE MERCHANDISE: For example, suspect merchandise that is misrepresented, defective, or items we have reason to believe are stolen… or otherwise unfit for sale. For example, collector coins that are counterfeit, cast or struck… fakes, facsimiles, forgeries, replicas, altered, cleaned, whizzed, repaired, overrated, overpriced or impaired... Or, for further example, figurines that are abraded, broken, chipped, cracked, faded by weathering or cleaning, scratched, repaired or restored. We deal in select and quality goods. Problematic items are “junk”. We are about buying and selling goods at fair prices, prompt customer service, and not wasting time.




Do not send Silver or Gold Plated or Costume Jewelry.

Confirm the item submitted is of mutually satisfactory “wholesale interest”.

Accurately describe items.

As a courtesy, problem goods are held 30 days free of charge.

We only buy genuine silver, gold and platinum... and other items (select antiques and quality collectibles) of confirmed interest offered at fair wholesale prices. We do not buy silver or gold plated items or problematic goods.

To ensure complete mutual satisfaction, you should:

  • Confirm our buying interest for items not price listed with our Purchasing Department in advance;
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions as to how we will do business;
  • Not send us plated, or unwanted, or problematic or overly priced goods.
  • Clearly understand, we do not return at our expense silver or gold plated items, or unwanted, or misrepresented or unreasonably priced goods. Such items are “junk” or a nuisance and are of no commercial interest to us. We will not buy them.

Note: all items are not salable or of commercial interest to us. For example chipped, cracked or repaired figurines, fake military souvenirs, counterfeit or altered coins, etc. We cannot compete with non-profit organizations that receive such items as donations.

  • Upon due rejection notice, if you still want plated item(s) or problematic goods returned, the return request and the return shipping and handling charge is your responsibility.

As a courtesy, problem goods are held 30 days free of charge.