How to sell your Silver?

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1.Identify, List and Evaluate Salable Goods.

Explore the Silver Gold Buyers' Website: the Silver FAQs address and provide immediate answers to question that often arise; the Glossary provides the fundamental facts of precious metals. The Gallery of What We Buy and our daily Buy Prices circular illustrate items we buy and what prices we are currently paying; This page outlines the procedure you should follow to safely and securely sell your silver at a satisfactory price.

Before shipping a customer may preview an approximate BUY PRICE ESTIMATE of the items they wish to sell using our Silver and Gold Calculator and Coin Buy Price Estimator. Prices are fairly based on the quality, quantity of the goods and are adjusted daily to reflect current market conditions. If the current price estimate for the items you wish to sell is satisfactory, send the goods and get paid. You may use the Contact Us link to confirm our mutual interest in purchasing other items not specifically price listed , relate what you wish to sell, confirm and negotiate a satisfactory price settlement subject to the verification of the described good or Contact Us to address questions not covered in the FAQs.

Before packing, carefully check for quality marks. We only buy solid silver. The most frequently encountered quality marks for silver are 800, 925, and 999. Or the word STERLING, or STERLING SILVER, or PURE SILVER.

The quality of materials used to produce an item is often revealed by how the item is stamped.

EXCLUDE ALL SILVER PLATED OR NON-SILVER ITEMS! That is, base metal alloys that merely are silver-like in appearance but contain no silver at all (check in the Silver FAQs for definitive answers). Most silver plated items have the following quality marks: E.P.N.S. (Electroplated Nickel Silver), E.P., E.P.S., E.P.C., E.P.C.A., E.P.B.M., E.P.W.M., or are stamped: silver plated, triple plate, quadruple plate, treble plate, electroplated , silver soldered, silver plate on copper, nickel silver; or carry the manufacturer name: Rogers Brothers 1847 or I S Silver (which stands for International Silver -- the company which bought Rogers Brothers). For further Illustrations and information on silver plated and precious metal quality marks link to:

After you have identified and established the quality marks the item(s) define the material used in fabrication is solid silver, categorically weigh your item(s)* and use the Silver Buy Price Estimator to obtain an approximate BUY PRICE ESTIMATE for your goods based on current market conditions. If the current silver prices for the items you wish to sell is satisfactory, please send us the goods.

KISS OPTION: In the event,weighing, examining, testing, appraising, number crunching and traipsing around town in and out of shops haggling like a fish monger just is not your thing... We’ll do the work for you, spare you shoe leather, gas and possibly save a lot of time and aggravation by letting serious money quietly talk and simply send you the check for your approval. All silver and gold are tested as standard procedure.

Silver Gold Buyers' customers are never pressured to sell. They choose to sell because they value our integrity, appreciate our courteous service and they are happy:) the price is right!If you submit your precious metal items for a fair offer andare not satisfied with the price, we will promptly return the items at our expense.

Note: UNMARKED ITEMS: If you have item(s) that are unmarked, but have reason to believe they are solid silver, but over the years of use or abuse the Hallmarks have worn off, or the item is of foreign origin with unusual markings which you cannot interpret, you may submit the items for a FREE assay. We test all silver items received. If your item tests out as solid silver, we will credit your account accordingly. If not, we will immediately notify you and explain why it is not.

Keep in mind WE DO NOT BUY PLATED ITEMS, BASE METALS, OR COSTUME JEWELRY. Should you still wish to have a silver plated, base metal items or costume jewelry returned, upon timely request we will do so. The submitted items may be slightly damaged (a surface may be filed or stained from acid) as a result of testing. However, the arrangement for return shipping and the handling expense for rejected non-solid silver items is your responsibility.

2.Read Silver Gold Buyers’ Terms & Conditions.

The Terms & Conditions simply spell out the mutually fair and reasonable rules we will follow in the course of transacting business. Afterward, you may request an SGB Shipping Kit sent to your mailing address. If you wish to avoid postal delay -- simply set matters in motion immediately and print out your Silver Gold Buyers' Shipping Kit on line.

3.Fill out the Packing Slip Form.

Your SGB Packing Slip Form makes it fast and easy to concisely describe your goods, and relate all the relevant information needed to complete our agreeable transaction.

4.Package Your Items.

Place your silver items in suitable containers. Use either a plastic “Zip-Lock” bag, or aluminum foil or plastic wrap to secure small items (coins, rings, necklaces, etc.) and place them in a padded envelope or shipping Pak to prevent loss or damage. For larger items (especially bulky items submited for a premium offer consideration: Tea Sets, Flatware Sets, etc.) use appropriate sized Medium or Large Boxes with adequate packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

*Friendly Reminder: Be sure to include the completed and signed SGB Packing Slip Form with your shipment. The form should provide a concise description of your shipment, your payment preference (check or bank wire on the signed form) and double check the return mailing address where we should send your payment is correct. If it is not, or if it has recently changed, please correct it. Insure adequately, a recipient of a FedEx shipment may only cover the first $500 of a package on a prepaid and insured Shipping Label. More is the sender’s responsibility.

5.Send your shipment*

You may link to the carrier of your choice (FedEx, U.S. Postal Service, United Parcel Service). The links are posted on the Silver Gold Buyers' Website for your convenience. These will help you locate FREE shipping supplies, provide detailed instructions on how to properly pack, ship and obtain other services to suit your shipping needs.

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*Return Policy with Plated or Problematic Goods.

6.Immediate payment!

Ship with confidence… You may track your insured package with the carrier of your choice throughout the delivery process. All packages are processed the day they arrive. Payment authorized within 24 hrs!